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Being a former RV Salesperson, I loved meeting new campers and seeing their adventures come to life. Everyone had a different path. Always before they left, I advised them of two things they should never forget.  1.  Always put your awning in before you leave the unit and bedtime. 2. Get to know your neighbor, because most likely, they are seasoned campers and they have all tools and know all the secrets! 

So now, my life has again taken a different turn.  In my first two weeks of unemployment, I learned several different things.  I missed my customers and their dreams of hitting the open road and “I am an awful cook”. 

Several nights of no sleep, awaking every two hours, and heading for my computer... the vision became very clear to what my next path in life would be. Piecing together the dream of “By the Fire” and the idea was born! 

I’m going to meet my neighbors at every campground in every state across this great land! Then...a thought came to me, they can teach me how to Cook!  It's a Win, Win! 

“By The Fire” will feature videos about the Camping Life! I will be featuring the campgrounds where I’m headed. Special guests of said campgrounds will be featured sharing their favorite “outdoor” cooking skills and "Camping Tips". Looking for the NEWEST EQUIPMENT FOR OUTDOOR COOKING! 

You never know what will happen on “By The Fire”!  Music, singing and stories how you can enjoy the GOOD TIMES, all done “By the Fire”! 

Please join me on my adventure, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN,


Dana Bishop

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