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The Walking Dead Season 10 - Episode 16

The Walking Dead Season 10 - Episode 16 ->>>

The Walking Dead Season 10 - Episode 16

Starting with the pressing matter that is Beta's horde, the initial plan is for the group to lead the walkers over a cliff's edge while they're distracted by a carriage with a blaring tape deck inside. Daryl suggests he and Negan team up to get to the wagon given Negan's experience walking amongst the dead. The former villain initially refuses but decides to put his life on the line just like everyone else. Unfortunately the wagon gets quickly ambushed by Whisperers, so that plan is foiled. After a quick heart to heart, Lydia and Carol decide to work together to lead the Whisperers over the cliff instead.

It may be quite a while yet before fans are able to witness episode 17 of this protracted season, there are many interesting plot threads left to exploit when the show resumes in 2021. What does Maggie's return mean for the rest of the show? Who the heck is this masked ninja? Given the armored soldiers comic book fans expect this is the start of the Commonwealth plot, but it sounds like it's going to be pretty heavily remixed from its source material. We'll save those spoilers for another day.

The Walking Dead season 10 continues with episode 16, "A Certain Doom", an episode that was originally intended to be this season's finale, but is now bridging the gap before six more episodes air sometime next year. This strange restructuring of The Walking Dead's most recent season is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the film and television industry, as well as the world at large. Unable to finish post-production on episode 16, AMC chose to delay its release, and in the interim, announced season 10 would be expanded to include additional episodes and that The Walking Dead would finally end with season 11.

This all puts The Walking Dead episode formerly known as the season 10 finale in a odd position, serving as both the conclusion to the Whisperer War and a tease of where season 10 goes next. As the former, "A Certain Doom" neatly brings to a close the conflict between the Whisperers and the survivors, leaving virtually no loose ends, but it's as the latter that the episode is more interesting. With the return of characters like Maggie Rhee and hints towards future story arcs, The Walking Dead turns its eye towards what's left to do before it finishes its over a decade-long run.

In The Walking Dead season 10, episode 16, "A Certain Doom", the survivors do win the Whisperer War. They dispatch with Beta, his few remaining followers, and the Whisperers' horde. There are reunions and hints of new conflicts to come. Though no longer a true finale for season 10, this episode of The Walking Dead still has plenty going on, wrapping up the show's best arc in years while setting the stage for what's to come before it's time for The Walking Dead's series finale.

Maggie's return to The Walking Dead is by no means a surprise. Cohan's return to the series has been known for months, and her first scene in the episode was revealed previously in the first trailer for season 10's delayed finale. Still, actually getting to see Maggie back among the remaining survivors is a heartwarming payoff to her absence. Her return, though, comes with even greater significance following the departure of Michonne. Walking Dead needs another leader to take charge, and while Daryl, Gabriel, and Rosita have all stepped in when the occasion calls for it, they lack the authority characters like Michonne or Maggie possess. Now that she's back (and presumably sticks around until the end), Maggie can be the figure to lead those who remain from Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom, and Oceanside, helping them to rebuild as a stronger, even more unified community.

Of course, Maggie's return is probably about more than coming to help her friends. In future episodes, The Walking Dead may reveal that Maggie's return is also about finally bringing the survivors more fully into whatever network of communities Georgie came from th


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