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The Trilogy - And Then Some - By Dan And Dave Buck

The Trilogy - And Then some: A Review of the Ultimate Card Magic DVD Set by Dan and Dave Buck

If you are a card magician or a cardist, you have probably heard of Dan and Dave Buck, two of the most influential and innovative card artists of our time. They have created countless original tricks and flourishes that have inspired generations of magicians and card enthusiasts. They have also produced some of the best instructional DVDs on card magic and manipulation, such as The System, The Trilogy, and Organic.

The Trilogy - And Then some - by Dan and Dave Buck

In this article, we will focus on one of their most popular and acclaimed DVD sets: The Trilogy. This is a three-disc DVD set that contains over six hours of card magic and flourishes, covering everything from beginner to advanced level. The Trilogy is not just a collection of tricks and moves, but a comprehensive course on card artistry that will teach you how to think creatively, perform confidently, and master the art of deception.

The Trilogy consists of three discs: Tricks, Flourishes, and Everything Else. Each disc contains over two hours of content, with detailed explanations, multiple angles, slow motion replays, and tips on presentation and misdirection. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from each disc:

Tricks: This disc contains 32 card tricks that range from impromptu miracles to complex routines. You will learn how to make cards vanish, change, transpose, penetrate, levitate, and more. Some of the highlights include:

  • Ambitious Explosion: A stunning finale for the classic ambitious card routine.

  • Backstage: A mind-blowing sandwich effect that uses a clever gimmick.

  • Carnahan Fan: A visual color change that happens in a fan of cards.

  • Dr. Daley's Last Sandwich: A modern twist on a classic plot that involves two selections and two jokers.

  • Four: A four-phase routine that combines four different effects into one seamless performance.

  • Oil & Water: A clean and elegant version of the classic oil and water plot.

  • Queens: A powerful transposition effect that uses four queens and four indifferent cards.

  • Tivo 2.0: A time-traveling effect that allows you to reverse the order of a shuffled deck.

Flourishes: This disc contains 28 card flourishes that will enhance your skills and style. You will learn how to cut, shuffle, fan, spin, spring, toss, twirl, and display cards in ways that will amaze your audience. Some of the highlights include:

  • Anthony's Opener: A flashy opener that involves a one-handed fan and a spin.

  • Bullet Party: A fast-paced sequence of cuts and displays that ends with a bullet shot.

  • Carnival Fan: A unique fan that creates a circular pattern of cards.

  • D&D's Opener: A smooth opener that combines a pressure fan and a riffle fan.

  • Flicker Shot: A stunning shot that sends a card flying out of the deck.

  • L-Cuts: A series of one-handed cuts that create an L-shape with the cards.

  • Molecule 4: A complex four-packet cut that involves twists and rotations.

  • Pandora: A beautiful three-packet cut that opens like a box.

Everything Else: This disc contains 23 miscellaneous items that cover various aspects of card artistry. You will learn how to make your own gimmicks, perform false shuffles and deals, use psychology and body language, create your own tricks and flourishes, and more. Some of the highlights include:

  • Biddle Grip Change: A subtle color change that happens in the biddle grip.

  • Cull Continuation Shuffle: A false shuffle that allows you to control any number of cards.

  • Dan & Dave's Opener: A clever way to introduce yourself as a magician using two decks of cards.

Greek Deal: A deceptive deal that allows you to deal any card from any position in the deck. c481cea774


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