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Forest Flavors of Desserts

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The dedication of large numbers of votive statues in the temples of Cyprus began in the 7th century B.C. Such sculptures, symbols of one's devotion to the gods, represented the constant presence of the worshiper in the temple. This votary, one of many unearthed at the temple of Golgoi, was made during the archaic period, which lasted from the late 6th to early 5th century B.C. Common characteristics of archaic Greek sculpture, as shown in this figure, include the faint smile commonly referred to as an "Archaic smile," almond-shaped eyes, and stiff, static pose.

Deep Meditation (Ex) (1 point): The number of bonus dice granted by the meditation class feature increases to his votary level from 1/2 his votary level. The maximum number of bonus dice you can gain increases to his votary level.

VO'TARY, noun One devoted, consecrated or engaged by a vow or promise; hence more generally, one devoted, given or addicted to some particular service, worship, study or state of life. Every goddess of antiquity had her votaries. Every pursuit or study has now its votaries. One is a votary to mathematics, another is a votary to music, and alas, a great portion of the world are votaries of sensual pleasures. 781b155fdc


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