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I Can 't Think Straight The Movie Eng Sub Full Fix Download

I just seen this movie on youtube and it really shows how conservative people can be when it comes to coming out as a homosexual person. Like its ridiculous and heartbreaking. I thought both fathers were so supportive then the mothers. The mothers made it into a huge big deal like seriously! They should wake up! I think Tayla from the start should've just left the rich lifestyle and the one she was arranged to be married with. It would give her enough freedom then being stuck there in a rot! Although I have to say it was happily ever after in the end for both girls. At least Layla had a boyfriend as she can do is dump him whereas Tayla & the fiancée had to pay everything for the Wedding and it is all over the shop due to the fact she was not honest to herself!I hope Tayla has the best wedding when she marries Layla as they are such a cute couple together :D

I Can 't Think Straight the movie eng sub full download

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