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How To Fix The Error €?Invalid Or Absent Protection Key” In BIONUMERICS

What is a BIONUMERICS serial key?

A BIONUMERICS serial key is a license string that you need to enter in the startup screen of BIONUMERICS. It consists of four parts: the package name, the version number, the serial number, and the checksum. For example, BN8-1234-5678-9ABC is a valid serial key for BIONUMERICS 8. The serial key determines which features and plugins are available in your BIONUMERICS software.

How to fix the error “Invalid or absent protection key” in BIONUMERICS

What is a BIONUMERICS protection key?

A BIONUMERICS protection key is a USB dongle that you need to attach to your computer or server where BIONUMERICS is installed. The protection key contains a unique identification number that matches the serial number in your serial key. The protection key acts as a security device that prevents unauthorized use of BIONUMERICS software.

How to fix the error Invalid or absent protection key?

If you see the error message Invalid or absent protection key when you try to open a database in BIONUMERICS, it means that either:

  • The protection key is not attached to your computer or server.

  • The protection key is attached, but the dongle drivers are not installed or working properly.

  • The serial key entered in the startup screen is not compatible with the protection key.

To fix this error, you can try the following solutions:

  • Check if the protection key is attached to your computer or server. Make sure it is plugged into a USB port that works and is not blocked by other devices.

  • Run the check SN tool on the computer with the protection key attached. You can find this tool in the BIONUMERICS installation folder. If the check SN tool displays the serial number of the protection key, it means that the key is recognized by the system. If not, you need to install or update the dongle drivers.

  • Download and install the latest Sentinel drivers from the Sentinel website. Choose the Windows operating system option Sentinel System Driver Installer for Sentinel SuperPro, UltraPro & SHK. Make sure you have sufficient privileges to install the drivers on your computer. During installation, the protection key should not be attached to your computer. After installation, attach the protection key again and restart BIONUMERICS.

  • Check the serial key entered in the startup screen of BIONUMERICS. Make sure it matches the package name, version number, and serial number of your protection key. If you have multiple serial keys for different packages or versions of BIONUMERICS, make sure you enter the correct one for your database. If you have lost or forgotten your serial key, contact Applied Maths for assistance.


Bionumerics Serial Key is an essential part of using BIONUMERICS software. If you encounter any problems with your serial key or protection key, follow the steps above to troubleshoot and solve them. If you need more help or have any questions, feel free to contact Applied Maths support team. 04f6b60f66


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