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Red Giant Trapcode Suite v12.0.0: A Powerful Collection of 3D Particle Systems and Motion Graphics Plugins for After Effects

Red Giant Trapcode Suite v12.0.0: A Powerful Collection of 3D Particle Systems and Motion Graphics Plugins for After Effects

Red Giant Trapcode Suite v12.0.0 is a set of 11 tools that allow you to create stunning visual effects and motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. Whether you need to create fire, water, smoke, snow, or other organic effects, or design futuristic user interfaces, geometric shapes, or volumetric lighting, Trapcode Suite has you covered.

Trapcode Suite includes:

Red Giant Trapcode Suite v12.0.0 (Win 32 - 64 bit)


  • Particular: The industry-standard tool for creating 3D particle systems with realistic physics, behaviors, and fluid dynamics.

  • Form: A powerful 3D particle grid generator that can create endless tunnels, terrains, surfaces, and abstract shapes.

  • Mir: A fast and flexible 3D mesh generator that can create organic shapes, ribbons, and extrusions with texture mapping and shading.

  • Tao: A 3D path generator that can create complex geometric shapes and motion graphics using masks and paths.

  • Shine: A 3D light ray effect that can simulate volumetric lighting and add glows and glimmers to your scenes.

  • Starglow: A stylized glow effect that can create star-shaped highlights and sparkle effects.

  • Sound Keys: An audio-driven animation tool that can generate keyframes from any audio source.

  • Lux: A realistic light simulation tool that can create visible light sources from any After Effects light.

  • Echospace: A layer management tool that can duplicate and offset layers and their motion with ease.

  • 3D Stroke: A 3D path stroke effect that can create organic shapes and lines with tapering and motion blur.

  • Horizon: A 3D camera-aware image mapping tool that can create infinite backgrounds and skies.

With Trapcode Suite v12.0.0, you can also import Cinema 4D file geometry as Particular emitters, Form particle objects, or Mir 3D models, including animation, normals, texture coordinates, and transformations[^1^]. You can also take advantage of GPU acceleration for faster rendering and previewing[^1^].

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for creating amazing 3D particle systems and motion graphics in After Effects, you should definitely check out Red Giant Trapcode Suite v12.0.0. You can get access to all the Red Giant tools at an affordable price with Red Giant Subscription[^2^]. For more information, visit

One of the most popular tools in Trapcode Suite is Particular, which lets you create realistic 3D particle systems with a variety of options and presets. You can use Particular to create fire, smoke, water, snow, sparks, bubbles, dust, and more. You can also customize the particle shape, size, color, opacity, rotation, velocity, and lifespan. You can also use multiple emitters to create complex effects and control them with physics and behaviors. For example, you can use flocking/swarming and predator/prey behaviors to simulate natural phenomena, or use bounce and air physics to add realism to your animations. You can also use fluid dynamics to create organic liquid simulations where particles interact with each other and their environment.

Another powerful tool in Trapcode Suite is Form, which lets you create 3D particle grids that can morph into any shape or form. You can use Form to create stunning motion graphics and abstract visuals with ease. You can also use Form to create audio-reactive animations that respond to any sound source. You can control the particle grid with various parameters such as fractal fields, displacement maps, layer maps, audio spectrum, and more. You can also use sprites and polygons to customize the particle shape and texture. You can also use the new collection of Atomic Age sprites for Particular and Form to create retro-futuristic effects.

A third tool that you should try out in Trapcode Suite is Mir, which lets you create 3D meshes that react to sound, are shaded with beautiful textures, and have organic movement. You can use Mir to create terrains, tunnels, landscapes, ribbons, and more. You can also use Mir to create looping backgrounds and motion graphics with minimal keyframes. You can control the mesh with various parameters such as geometry, repeaters, fractals, noise, shaders, and fog. You can also use multiple instances of Mir to create complex scenes and layer them with other effects. 29c81ba772


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