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FULL Scripting Magic Peter Mccabe

Secondly, there are some interviews where the opinion of a well-known magician is sought on questions pertaining to scripting. In the overused phrase, these are worth the price of the book alone. These guys earn their living doing this stuff and they know what they are talking about. And many of them are very funny to boot!

FULL Scripting Magic Peter Mccabe

A prediction is handed out before anything else happens and is never touched again.A deck of cards is shuffled and three spectators each receive a bundle of cards.Each spectator is asked to THINK of a single card within their bunch. Without any questions the magician reveals the first spectators card and then the second spectators THOUGHT of card!Now for the KILLER ENDING!!The third spectator is asked to open the prediction which has been in full view from the start and it correctly predicts his THOUGHT of card!!Perfect for close up, walk around or stage. Triveal is a super clever routine which is easy to master.Super deceptive and suitable for mentalists or magicians.NO MULTIPLE OUTS!Instantly resetsNo questions are ever askedNo peeksNothing written downNo dual realityNo marked or special cardsUse your own deckNo switching predictionPrediction can be written on a business card at the start. 350c69d7ab


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