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Dujone: A Romantic Drama Starring Dev and Srabanti

Dujone: A Romantic Drama Starring Dev and Srabanti

Dujone is a 2009 Bengali movie directed by Rajib Biswas and starring Dev and Srabanti Chatterjee in the lead roles. The movie is a love story between Akash, a rich industrialist's son, and Meghna, a poor girl who lives with her aunt. The movie was produced by Eskay Movies and released on September 17, 2009.

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The movie follows the romance of Akash and Meghna, who meet at a college festival and fall in love. However, their families are opposed to their relationship and try to separate them. Akash's father wants him to marry a girl of his choice, while Meghna's aunt wants her to marry a wealthy businessman. The movie shows how Akash and Meghna overcome the obstacles and challenges in their way to be together.

Dujone was a commercial success at the box office and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The movie was praised for its music, cinematography, and performances of Dev and Srabanti. The movie also featured Seema Biswas, Arun Bannerjee, Kharaj Mukherjee, and Debesh Roy Chowdhury in supporting roles. The movie had a soundtrack composed by Jeet Gannguli and lyrics by Gautam Susmit.

Dujone is available to watch online on YouTube in 720p HD quality. You can watch the official trailer of the movie here[^1^] or the full movie here[^3^]. You can also find more information about the movie on IMDb here[^2^]. If you are a fan of Bengali romantic movies, you should not miss Dujone.

Dujone is one of the most popular movies of Dev and Srabanti, who have worked together in several other movies such as Shedin Dekha Hoyechilo, Paglu, Bolo Na Tumi Amar, and Kelor Kirti. The chemistry between the lead pair is one of the highlights of the movie. The movie also has some memorable songs such as "Dujone", "Mon Je Kore Uru Uru", "Ei Mon Tomake Dilam", and "Amar Swapno Je". The movie was shot in various locations such as Kolkata, Darjeeling, and Bangkok.

Dujone is a movie that appeals to the young generation as well as the family audience. The movie has a mix of romance, comedy, drama, and action. The movie also has a twist in the climax that surprises the viewers. The movie showcases the talent and versatility of Dev and Srabanti, who have proved themselves as one of the most successful pairs in Bengali cinema. The movie also marks the debut of Rajib Biswas as a director, who later went on to direct many other hit movies.

Dujone is a movie that you can watch with your loved ones and enjoy the sweet and sour moments of love. The movie will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for Akash and Meghna. The movie will also make you appreciate the value of true love and sacrifice. Dujone is a movie that will stay in your heart for a long time.

In conclusion, Dujone is a movie that you should not miss if you are a fan of Bengali romantic movies. The movie has a captivating story, engaging performances, melodious music, and beautiful visuals. The movie is a perfect example of how love can overcome all the hurdles and challenges in life. The movie is also a testament to the talent and popularity of Dev and Srabanti, who have delivered one of their best performances in this movie. Dujone is a movie that will make you fall in love with love. e0e6b7cb5c


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